Craft a Gorgeous Landscape with Trail Construction & Pond Construction Services

Craft a Gorgeous Landscape with Trail Construction & Pond Construction Services

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East Coast Forestry provides land development services in Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The professionals at East Coast Forestry are being asked more and more these days to execute land improvement projects with trail construction and pond construction services. What is a land improvement project? We have a number of clients in the Charlottesville, VA area with unused tracts of their property that they would like to see re-purposed. For instance, we have constructed horse trails and created ponds where there were no ponds before. We have even taken an area of forest and created what is called a Park Effect. In essence, the property takes on the look and feel of a park or even a golf course.

We strive to create land improvements that exceed your expectations. Our highly trained, fully insured operators perform work quickly and within your budget. Contact us today for trail construction & pond construction services in the Charlotteville, VA area.

Trail Construction, Preparation and Grooming

Hiking or horse trails are a great recreation. Our trail construction services have created miles of trails for customers. The forestry mulching equipment is excellent for establishing trails, and we can then maintain them with a biannual grooming. The mulch creates a nice surface to walk on, while preventing trail erosion and unwanted regrowth of vegetation. Contact us today for trail construction in the Charlottesville, VA area.

Landscape View Clearing

We specialize in clearing areas for landscape views. We can clear for a better view of a pond, valley, or even a mountain. We specialize in preparing the land for the best view of the beautiful surroundings.

Ponds and Waterfalls

There is nothing quite like the stillness and serenity that comes with water. Ponds and waterfalls can be as useful as they are beautiful. Often the installation of one or both of these water features can assist with drainage on a property while also looking amazing and improving property value.

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